Make use of available apps

News 09:06 June 2024:

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One things that attracts followers are beautiful photos. Images that strikes their interest and attention are the ones that are most likely to be followed around. So make sure to post an image that will give you a life and more instagram followers in this social media.

You may use apps that edits and enhances photos before they are posted. There’s a huge number of photo editing apps in the market which are not so complicated to use. Here are some:

  • Camera+:Camera+ for $1.99 is the of the well known photo-editing apps available. You may use Camera+ to adjust the brightness, clarity, contrast and lightning of your photos. It’s also a user-oriented app that can be used for shooting because you can take a sure good shot by having the capability to adjust the lighting on the spot, allows you to zoom exactly as well.
  • Squaready — Instagram Layouter: If you notice, when you uploading a photo to instagram directly from your phone’s photo library will require you to crop the image in square shape. If you don’t want to do that and wants to upload the full photo instead, Squaready is what you need. Not to mention, this app is for free.
  • Instaframe:Instaframe is also a free app that lets you create wonderful photo collages. There’s also a huge number of photo collage apps availableion the market, but this one is liked and used by most people.

Picfx: Picfx, also $1.99 is the best app for you is you really want to accentuate your photo by the use of filters. It has 100+ frames, textures, and effects that you can choose from, and will format your photo automatically into a shape of square for quick Instagram uploading.